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Letters to Tim
Office Depot

Dear Mr. Duffy:

On December 20, 2003 I placed an order for a floor lamp with officedepot.com. I keyed in my credit card number, applied a $20 off coupon online and completed the transaction. Then, I elected to pick-up the lamp from the local store instead of having it shipped free to my house. The next day I went to the local store to pick up the lamp. The store manager insisted that she cannot allow me to pick up the lamp unless I give her a physical $20 off coupon. I asked for a refund and walked out. This business practice by a national office supplier owned by Mr. Warren Buffet is unbelievable and borders on wire fraud. The transaction was completed online! Please advise whether you are interested in pursuing this case. Thank you.


Tim's Answer


First, Warren Buffet is only a stockholder in Office Depot; nowhere in any SEC filings is he even on the board of Directors. Second, your allegation of wire fraud: not even close as you are the one in the wrong. Office Depots web site clearly states that the $20.00 electronic coupon is only valid on the web and not in their retail stores.


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