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Scam Links
  • Scams
    frauds, con games, economic bubbles, snake-oil, advertising, etc.
  • DebtWizards Consumer Guide To Credit, Avoid Scams
    Free consumer info on establishing credit, credit card tips & scams, where to apply, restoring bad credit, how to get your credit report and fix it, car & consolidation loans, credit counselors, how to handle harassing collection agencies, more.
  • Modeling Scams, Rip Offs and Bad Business
    Watch out for modeling Scams, Rip-offs and bad business. ... Scams, Rip Offs and Bad Business These days there seems to be a whole industry that has developed to take advantage of those who would like to
  • Car Buying Tips
    Find advice on buying and selling used cars. Avoid scams by reading this irreverent skew on the car-buying experience.
  • National Check Fraud Center
    provides information and support. Takes reports from consumers who have been victims of check fraud, forgery, or counterfeiting. Check alerts.
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